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DanCyn’ Adventures!

The DanCyn’ Team

Cynthia and Danielle are a Mother-Daughter team who bask in the great outdoors! They share their love of adventure, fun and exploring what nature has to offer! So, they put their names together to bring you the adventures of a great team!

Danielle started her adventures and love for camping as a child. As an adult she began to explore the world of Triathlon, completing distances from try-a-tri’s to a half Ironman! In 2020, she rediscovered her love for hiking and began hitting the trails where she pulled her sidekick along with her.

Cynthia has been more reserved when it comes to outdoor adventures. Not being an avid camper or athlete as she grew up, she did and still has a passion of being fit and healthy. In 2017, Cynthia was convinced to try her first Triathlon and such the beginnings of our duo began. In 2020 Cynthia began adventuring onto the trails as well and so DanCyn’ Adventures was born!

DanCyn’ Adventures Triathlon Life

Danielle found her love for Triathlons by accident! After spending much of her time injured from various running activities, she found herself needing to find ways to cross train to reduce and prevent long term effects. She purchased a used road bike and the journey began. She completed her first triathlon in 2017, and managed to reach the podium at her second triathlon ever with winning 5th place in her age category with a Try-a-Tri time of 48:09.

Her goals continued to reach towards the stars, and she decided to go for her first Ironman 70.3 in 2019. As a participant of the Muskoka 70.3, the course had familiarity to her, as she had previously raced the TriMuskokan Sprint distances in this location. The journey up to completing this epic adventure was one with many challenges, rewards and self discovery. After a grueling day of physical exertion, Danielle crossed the finish line with a huge smile and lots of happy tears with a time of 7 hours and 2 minutes.

Danielle’s triathlon adventures have been expanded upon to pursue many outdoor adventures. She knows she will pursue further triathlon adventures, including a full distance Ironman. She also hopes to engage her two sons into this fun as well.

Not camping as a child, Cynthia did not grow up in the great outdoors except maybe when she was taken to the sugarbush or told to go to the barn and get her dad. She lived on a farm until she was 11 and then moved into the village. Moving from country life, at 19 she headed out into the world and, while she dove into Jane Fonda and spandex, a way of living, hiking, running or cycling were not on her radar. She was at an aerobics class the day Danielle was due and continued dancer-size through her 40’s.

She walked away from aerobics mid-life and watched from afar as Danielle began her triathlon journey. She pined to be fit again and hungered to let go of her bad habits. How does one go from the sidelines to the action? By simply being invited, challenged, and being signed up! 2017 on a 20 year old Raleigh mountain bike and only just being able to run 3 kms without stopping she tried her first race!

Today she is running regularly, cycling and now backpack hiking carrying a 25 lb. pack with ease. The third trimester of her life will be filled with the outdoors, hiking with her children and grandchildren. She wants you to know you just need to begin, one step at a time and you will accomplish any goal.